Author: Peter Grayson

20 Easy Tricks For Better Photographs

Taking a good picture is more that standing in the right place and giving the camera a pretty smile. With advancements in cameras and camera phones it is becoming much easier to capture the perfect moment. 1. Aperture Priority Mode This mode will help you to get that coveted blurry background in your portrait photos. Read More

8 Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screens

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a popular hobby for many people from YouTube personalities to amateurs just having fun. Vloggers sit in front of the camera telling stories to connect with their audiences. However, in order to create high quality videos, it is imperative that you get the right camera. Here are some of the Read More

Essential Photography Tips For The Beginners

Many people have taken an interest in photography. However, most beginners are faced with the challenge of not knowing exactly what it takes to improve the quality of their work. Luckily, by being exposed to the essential tips for amateur photographers, one stands a chance at being able to increase their knowledge of photography. Ultimately, Read More

Important DSLR Camera Lenses That You Should Know About

If you just acquired a beginner’s DSLR camera lenses, you might not have an accurate understanding of how it works. Also, knowing how to go about the interchangeable lenses might also prove to be a challenge. Some of the essential DSLR camera lenses that will be discussed in this text will provide you with an Read More

Consider the Best Brands While Choosing the Best Digital Camera

There is a variety of camera brands in the market. Choosing the best camera depends on the kind of photographer you are. Are you a pro, an amateur, a sports enthusiast or a shooter? The most important thing to look out for is the features of the camera you want to purchase. In that regard, Read More